The VAK Way of Learning

Thinking about Thinking…

The ability to examine how you process thoughts and feelings, essentially thinking about one’s own thoughts is called metacognition.  The ability to think metacognitively, encourages students to learn how they learn best.  Thinking metacognitively also helps them to develop self awareness skills which is an important tool as we get older.  

If your child is only taught one way, possibly visually, then your child could still be struggling.  Advance Scholars tutoring service follows the VAK learning style, designed by Walter Burke Barbe and later developed by Neil Fleming.  This learning model divides people into three distinct categories of learning:

Visual learners – absorbs information by sight

Auditory learners – absorbs information by sound

Kinesthetic learners –  absorbs information by moving 

Advance Scholars tutoring service will ensure your child receives information with differentiation. With differentiated instruction, your child can decide which modality of learning is best for them.  Now that’s metacognition!   With certified teachers in Math, Reading and Spanish and with Psychologists available, Advance Scholars tutoring service is here to fill in any gap that your child needs.   Advance Scholars tutoring service provides remote and in-home instruction for children in grades kindergarten through 9th.  

Advance Scholars tutoring service is available whenever and wherever you need us.  Please log onto our website, complete the brief questionnaire and together we will bridge the gap between where your child is and where they need to be.