VAK Learning Styles.. Which one are you?

VAK learning is a form of learning designed by Walter Burke Barbe and later developed by Neil Fleming.  This form of learning has divided learning into three different categories:

Visual learners – absorb information by sight

Auditory learners – absorb information by sound

Kinesthetic learners – absorb information by moving

Visual learners absorb information visually.  These types of learners are typically excellent spellers and are often taking notes in class.  Visual learners usually are imaginative and enjoy art class.  They can also often be distracted by visual stimuli like sitting near a window or receiving numerous pop-ups on their computer screens. 

Auditory learners absorb information by hearing.  These types of learners can follow lectures and really learn best with verbal instruction.  These individuals excel at oral presentations and group discussions.  They process information by talking through it as sometimes you will see them talking to themselves.  Auditory learners are also easily distracted by auditory stimuli like background noise.  

Kinesthetic learners absorb information predominantly through movement.  Kinesthetic learners are usually good at sports.  They enjoy drawing, and doodling as well as being physically active and performing arts or dance.  Kinesthetic learners may be restless or fidgety in class.  

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