Are They Ready?

The New York State Test begins tomorrow.  Is your child ready?

Here are some tips that could help your child excel:

  1. Do the problems you know how to do first. 
  2. Look at all of the multiple choice answers before you make your choice.
  3. Be sure you’re answering the question that is asked, nothing more.
  4. Fill in the bubble to the answer completely.
  5. Know when to use a calculator, and when it’s not necessary.
  6. Choose Advance Scholars tutoring service for academic support, remember, there is always another test right around the corner.

Advance Scholars tutoring service offers personalized service that will enable your child to excel.  Visit our website at and complete the brief questionnaire or contact us at 646/717-1015 and someone will contact you within 24 hours.  Don’t hesitate, contact us today!