Did Someone Say SEL?

What is Social Emotional Learning, (SEL)?  SEL is the process where children learn the skills, attitudes and information to develop healthy identities, feel and show empathy for others and establish and maintain supportive relationships.   During this time of Covid, SEL for children is especially important.  During Covid, children have gone through and are still going through a lot of turmoil.  Many loved ones have passed.  Many jobs have been lost.  Many families have been relocated.  Many tears have been shed.  Some adults have established the skills, attitudes and information to persevere through these turbulent times.  A lot of children have yet to acquire such skills necessary to cope and preserve.  

Continued dialogue with your children is essential and is paramount to a child’s social and emotional development.  Also, establishing strategies that children can use to persevere through turbulent times is essential to their well-being.  

Adults and children have four kinds of basic emotions: sadness, fear, happiness, and anger, which are connected with three core affects: punishment (sadness), stress (fear and anger), and reward (happiness).  When children enter these different emotions, what strategies can we help them develop to exit some of these emotions?  

Do you have any ideas?  Stay tuned!  Our next blog will offer some tips and strategies to equip children with ESSENTIALLY…. Exit strategies!

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