ELA All the Way!

Is English Language Arts (ELA) as important as we think it is?  My single response is YES!  ELA is incorporated into every facet of our lives.  Excellent comprehension skills enhance problem solving skills.  Excellent comprehension skills improve long and short term memory function.  Excellent comprehension skills aid one’s flexible and creative thinking.   Finally, excellent comprehension skills improve verbal and spatial abilities.  So, what if your child struggles with ELA?  Their struggle won’t go away without additional support.  If your child needs excellent comprehension skills, contact Advance Scholars tutoring service at 646/717-1015 or log onto our website www.advancescholars.com for that help your child needs!  We provide certified tutors, seven (7) days a week in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, ENL and much, much more.  Please contact us today!