Inspiring Reluctant Readers!!

Little Children Reading Story Books

Although reluctant, we know the more individuals read, the better readers they become.  I could say that to my children a thousand times and I would still get a blank stare.  I could give the same information to my students and I would get the same blank stare.  So as parents and educators it is imperative that we inspire our children to read on a more consistent basis.  

The following are some teacher tricks that I also use with children.  I hope they work with your children as well.

Read aloud to them.  

Pick a favorite book, and really get into character.  Show them that reading is enjoyable and hopefully much better than watching movies!  Hopefully, they will ask you to read them another book until finally, they want to read one to you! 

Provide time for reading

Sometimes this can be very difficult because our schedules are so hectic, but if you allot a certain amount of quiet time each day where everyone Drops Everything And Reads, (DEAR Time) your entire home will benefit!

Let them choose their own books

Just like adults, children enjoy reading more when they read books they love.  You can use interest surveys to help them find books on topics that interest them.

Reading what they are read

This is a good way to have book discussions with your child on each chapter.  It opens dialogue about the book that could venture off into many different directions of their lives.

Get into series books

I’ve noticed that when children get into a series, they connect with the characters in that series and want to read what happens to them next.  This interest causes them to want to read the entire series.  

Hopefully one of these strategies will get your child inspired to read!